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Police K-9 Training


         Welcome to the HHH Kennels law enforcement division. We here at HHH Kennels take pride in breeding and training some of the finest working dogs in the world. All of our instructors have had hands on Canine experience working in law enforcement, and training Dual, and single purpose Police Canines. With over a combined 30 years of experience in Police work we have an actual working knowledge of what you do and what you need while protecting your community and being the Heroes that you are! Our handlers courses are geared toward today’s strict legal constrictions and the temperament of the criminals you’re dealing with today. We make you work smart, and teach you how to be aggressive and get the best result out of your partner. We offer tactical SWAT Canine application courses, canine administration courses, single and dual purpose police canine handlers courses, and decoy training. We have a wide variety of green dogs, and pre-trained canines ready to hit the streets.


Here at HHH Kennels we train the way we fight!! Our Canines are put into multiple training scenarios and situations to ensure they have been socialized and acclimated to almost every condition before they hit the streets. With strict selection of our Canines we ensure only the best candidates are protecting you and your community. Our Patrol dogs have a good temperament to demonstrate a good balance around your family and peers but can rock and roll upon command. Our detector dogs are selected to have a hard working drive and intelligence to detect odor in any situation. Thanks for selecting HHH Kennels and feel free to drop us an E-Mail here at the site.


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